Episode #56: Ophelia Syndrome


"Magnets" performance

"Foolish" performance

Band members: (present) Deanna Wells & Trina Nadeau (not present) Josh Kohler & Andrew Barbisan
Date recorded: Saturday, June 4th, 2016, on location at Deanna’s place (Jerseyville)
Post date: Thursday, June 9th, 2016
Produced, recorded & edited by Todd using an iPhone & Macbook

Notes 2016/06/05:
“So much to say about this one. As I said to Deanna, I enjoyed the run-on discussion so much, that if we both didn’t have places to go at 7:30pm,, it could’ve gone till the next day. I was only meant to be at Deanna’s with Ophelia Syndrome between 4-5pm, get the interview and go, but there was so much laughter, catching up and conversation about all things musical, I’m surprised we ended up GETTING the show recorded. Deanna Wells and Trina Nadeau are wonderful, sweet and (incidentally) badass old friends, that along with a rythym section and whoever they may harvest, make the indie band Ophelia Syndrome. Since they were last on the iTodd Lounge in 2008, they’ve released a few full-length albums, toured Europe, and have allot to tell. Here (in this video interview) is what we covered!” -Todd

About Ophelia Syndrome:
“Ophelia Syndrome are a bunch of weirdoes who make noise together. They try to blend various keyed instruments, cello, bass, drums, guitar, vocals, and whatever else they can find to hit, pluck, strum or occasionally blow. The result is their own unique blend of “indie” music, a term they are fairly certain has become ambiguous enough to encompass their indistinguishable classical, jazz, folk, roots, funk, soul, r&b, classic and contemporary rock influences.”
- from opheliasyndrome.com (Bio page)

Down memory lane, the first appearance of Ophelia Syndrome on the iTodd Lounge, August 7th, 2008. Photo by Trina Nadeau.

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